Trailer Trucking

Flinstone, the neutral Trucking partner for all your (inter)national traction needs


Flinstone delivers the wheels for your national and international transports. We provide the truck and driver. Maximum control on your goods without investment!

Flinstone is your partner for Trucking of your trailers from and to Ghent or Zeebrugge, but also from and to other harbours or train facilities. Our planning department will close follow-up your requests and are your eyes and ears for your services towards your clients. Because of this, we make it possible to provide real-time information to your customer.


We have a modern fleet equipped with the most recent environmental standards. All trucks are equipped with On-board units to provide the most accurate information updates.

We also have LNG trucks!

Our drivers

Our drivers meets all legal requirements and are working via procedures that are client specific. Through short lines with our dispatchers, they are a team together to achieve excellence.

Strategic location

From the harbour of Ghent, we are central situated to provide our national and international customers. From here we can switch easy in the fast paced environment of transport.

We are centralized between the plants of Volvo and it's suppliers and close to the terminal of the DFDS Goteborg-Ghent ferry connection.